My Short Stories and things that aren't quite poems

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Date Written
2010 Work in Progress

My second try at a real short story. Slowly but surely improving. I wrote this based off of a big mess I got myself into that taught me several very painful lessons about people and how someone's nature will not change just because you want it to. Minor changes made to the story, still in draft mode.

2009 (Stalled) Work in Progress
This is pure angst over being screwed over by my mom's ex boyfriend after her death. 2nd draft
Short imagery on being alone
Sometime in 1996
A revised version of the first one
I wrote this randomly, and then when I learned of White Wolf's Vampire:The Masquerade, I thought it sounded quite like a Malkavian would think
A short story I wrote for Creative Writing class back in High School; about my grandfather's death
A reflective essay I wrote about my grandfather's death for a Lit/Writing class in High School
November 1997
A dream I had written into words about my grandmother after she died about a week earier