Alone, version 1


Silence envelops my head; I am losing sight of my surroundings. I become frightened. The objects in my room are starting to look very unfamiliar. I can no longer bear the absence of sound. I turn on some meditation music hoping it will relieve the pounding quiet in my head.

The electronic drumbeats start to take the empty space in my mind. I can now hear all of the music coming from that black box sitting obscurely on my bookcase. It twists and turns into a different effect with each song, making me change with it. I feel lost in a dream world that surrounds me. I can't take the lonliness anymore. My mood is now fixed on one emotion. The emotion most can avoid. THe feeling all can avoid because they aren't afraid of it. I am. I am so afraid.

Tears come to my eyes like a speeding train. They swiftly run down my face in drops of immense saddness. I lay my head down on my pillow, weeping with utter fear of losing my mind. I finally lose conciousness as whims of songs and poems slowly drag out of my mouth. Now I fall asleep dreaming either happy notes, or ones of fear. I hope when I awaken someone will be here.

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